Ms. Mattone

We're in the 2nd year of a new plan--the "classroom without desks"

Instead of assigned seats, we'll be experimenting with work stations that suit our learning styles--sitting, lying down, standing, kneeling.  We'll have places to collaborate and places to work alone. 

Our meeting area also will offer a variety of seating styles as well.

This will be a work in progress, as students experiment and discover what works best for them as learners.

Wish List

Pillows or cushions
Backjack chair(s)
Bed risers to raise desks for standing work stations
Extra large storage tubs (2)--to create small workspaces

Reminders and Details

Craft supplies--

Feathery things
Sticky things
Fluffy things


Recess:  We will have a thirty minute recess daily.  Unless the weather is truly dreadful (pouring rain, icy cold) we will go outdoors.  Please send your child with clothing appropriate for the weather.

Snack: Children will need to bring snack from home.  I have a few extra boxes of crackers for the beginning of the year, but starting September 6th, I will expect the children to bring their own snack.  If you would like to send a snack to share, please feel free.   It will be greatly appreciated.

Red Grapes.pngFruit Bowl

We will have a bowl of fresh fruit/vegetables available in the classroom for children to munch on during the day, separate from our daily snack. I have been doing this for the last several years, and the children love it. While our garden and I can provide some fruit, donations from families will make this a daily option for healthy eating.

Volunteers: If you wish to volunteer, you must fill out a CORI form (criminal records check) by school policy.  This includes field trips and class visits.  I understand that not everyone can make time to come to school during the day.  Please feel free to contribute in other ways—donating materials, etc.


Class Websites—We have both a website and Twitter account for our class.

You may access our class website at (it’s probably easier to go to the CF website and check under academics and 2nd grade….) and our Twitter tag is M2CrockerFarm.  The Twitter site will give quick updates about the day’s activities and adventures.  The website is a resource where you can find the latest copy of the weekly newsletter, Stone Soup, as well as web resources.  I will be posting photos and brief videos of our work and discussions.  Please discuss with me any concerns you have.

Birthdays: While it is not necessary to provide a snack for your child’s birthday, you may do so if you would like.  Please check about food allergies.